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Team Development

Taking your team from good to great through team development

Investing a little bit of time in your team is really worth it. Here are just a few good reasons.


Taking your career to the next level through coaching

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, you might benefit from some coaching.


Soft skills masterclasses

Soft skills are easy, said no-one ever!
Managing people is the trickiest part of your role. Boost your confidence in the following areas:

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How to Coach your Team:

release team potential and hit peak performance


This book will change the way you manage forever.

Discover the 3 key elements of achieving game changing results for your team in order to increase engagement, unlock team potential, and maximise team effectiveness.

Managing a team is increasingly about developing greater leadership qualities. Enhance your leadership style by becoming a great team coach. This book will provide you with the skills to overcome obstacles and drive performance with the team so that you can lead with confidence.

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Anj Jowitt, BSc (Hons) Psychol, MSc

Engaging sessions, not boring lessons.

By day I am an experienced coach and training consultant who has worked with leaders from around the globe, spanning all business sectors.

My background is with an international business school, and I design and deliver engaging learning events. I don’t believe great learning comes from long presentations. Real learning happens when you’re actively engaged in the topic and making sense of it in your context back in the real world of work.

By night I am lead singer in a Punk/Ska band, a seemingly parallel universe, with a surprising amount of cross over.

Check out my blog page to find out how fronting a band and leading an organisation are remarkably similar!

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